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A Bit About Me

About Me

Justin Yap - Lead Cinematographer

Hello! If you are looking at this particular page, it means you are probably trying to figure out who I am. My name is Justin Yap and I am a Bay Area Native and have been filming weddings for the past 10 + years. 


 My passion for cinematography began way way back then when I tried to emulate the likes of Wong-Fu Productions. Their passion for storytelling and capturing the human emotion inspired me to try and create those special moments as well. Although I did not make it as big as their Productions, I still found my niche in Wedding Cinematography. My first wedding consisted of me scrambling around trying to figure out what timelines were and trying to capture all the key events. As time flew by, I began to take even more interest and invested myself into learning everything there was to know about creating a wedding story. Watching Youtube videos and working with some amazing vendors have paved the way for me to be where I am now. My style of shooting mostly consists of capturing candid moments and not trying to force too many shots (video, not alcohol). I am very easy going to work with according to my photographer friends and couples and try to make your wedding day as relaxing as possible. With so many moments going on throughout your day, we do our best to capture everything in one take and avoid delaying you from celebrating your big day! 


 I am beyond grateful for all my couples who have believed in my storytelling and work to make Just in Moments Production where it is today. Feel free to also browse our yelp to see some testimonials from past clients. If you would like to inquire about our services, please click here.


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